• Art Director @ Art Educational Center,, Brescia, Italy
  • Lecturer in Multimedia Design @ Academy Albertina, Torino, Italy
  • Lecturer in Multimedia Design @ Academy Carrara, Bergamo, Italy
  • Lecturer in Visual Study @ Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, Cina
update 12-03-2016
Davide Anni a series of one minute's of silence

Silence, for one minute, Davide Anni, 2013

Davide Anni opera d'arte White Black Bird 900x600 px

Albino Black Bird, Davide Anni, 2012

Davide Anni Leak Out Virtual Environment 700x457 px

Leak Out, Davide Anni, 2012

Nothing lasts forever collaborative video game

Nothing lasts forever, Davide Anni, 2011


Facade pattern, Davide Anni, 2011


Beyound the window, Davide Anni, 2008

Davide Anni street art Bilbao

PeekaBoo, Davide Anni, 2005

Body-Hacking, Davide Anni, 2005

Body Hacking, performing arts, Davide Anni, 2005



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